Sunday, November 7, 2010

The strength to keep going.

My friend told me a story today about a woman who was pregnant with twins, and she was due around Christmas. The children were born, healthy and beautiful, but the next day both of them suffered from a blood disease and both passed away. The babies were baptized right before their funeral, where they would be buried in the same coffin. Just imagine the pain this must have cause the parents of these children, it hurts me to even think about it, and I cannot even begin to think how much it probably hurt them. But before they were buried the mother let doctors do tests on the two children, so other parents wouldn't have to endure the same pain she went through. After experiencing all that, imagine how hard it would be even to build up the strength to have another baby. And yet she keeps going and has the courage to keep living her life. That proves to me how strong some people really are. This story has truly inspired me and added extra meaning to my life, I only hope that it has meant something to you too.
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Please inspire me.

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